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Discover a happier, calmer you

Calm your worries with your anxiety toolkit

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“I was solely using headspace (recommended to me by my GP to help my anxiety) but felt it was missing something ... Calmer You fills in all the gaps. ”

App Store review by rocknrollajod

Calm your mind, balance your body

Soothe your worrying mind, relax your body and enjoy the moment.

  • Calm your mind with Chloe’s mindfulness meditations

  • Work through your worries using tried-and-tested CBT techniques

  • Improve your sleep with sleep meditations, nighttime stories and evening yoga

Build your confidence,  boost your mood

Develop daily habits to help you feel more positive and confident.

  • Feel good on social media

  • Boost your body confidence

  • Be kind to yourself by developing self-compassion

Understand your anxiety and what it’s trying to tell you 

If we listen to our anxiety, it often directs us to something we might want to change.

  • Regularly track your anxiety over time

  • Understand your anxiety triggers and how to manage them

  • Celebrate your progress as you feel better

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"I’m so excited to be launching my new app to help you ease your anxiety whenever and wherever you need it. I’ve broken everything down into bite-size chunks and quick, easy practices that you can dip into at any time. I hope that you experience lots of these little moments of calm and positivity that build up to make a real difference in your life."

Chloe Brotheridge

Therapist, anxiety expert and bestselling author of The Anxiety Solution

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Practices to help you:

  • Calm worry

  • Build self-esteem

  • Manage social anxiety 

  • Sleep better

  • Improve productivity

  • Communicate assertively

  • Feel good on social media

  • Make difficult decisions

  • Practise mindfulness

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Android version is coming soon

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